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AGM 2017

01 Aug 2017

Congratulations Paul Dickson APM, Greg Warnes and Jan Turbil for your reselection to the Branch Executive Committee. Welcome Andrew McCauley and Josh Smart. Sincere thanks to Chris Waples and Jessica Tsakiris for their outstanding contribution to the BEC


Scouts SA 2017 Annual Report

31 Jul 2017

Read the Scouts SA 2017 Annual Report online today - another successful year of Scouting in South Australia!


Congratulations David Bryant and Harry Long - Awarded Life Membership.

30 Jul 2017


Your Ideas for 2017!

28 Apr 2016

The Scout Program is Youth Led, Adult Supported. We're after your ideas for 2017!


Extra Information for Scouts
 Information about Y4s
    Parents AND Scouts please take note of 2 dates on the Y4 which I believe are being overlooked and making our job a little harder.
    1.  Firstly, there is a date (on Pg1) when all money needs to be paid by. This is required because often Organisations require payment before we attend their activity. Such as Bowling wants to be paid 7days before we go. Late payment or on the night will not work. To be able to purchase food for the scouts for camps we need payment in on time so we can then do the shopping.
    2. On page 2 there is a section that says ‘Parents’ consent to be returned to the section Leader by…’. This date is important for us so we know who will be attending the activity. Sometimes the return date is the night we go but other times we need to know beforehand, who will be attending. This is so we can organise transport, let Organisations know how many scouts we have attending, so we know numbers for a camp booking and to shop for and also so we know who we are waiting for when we are out about to do something fun such as a night hike. Please be mindful of this date.
We are asking also for Parent Contacts and Emergency contacts (page 2) to be different. We will always contact the Parents first if there is a problem but if we cannot get hold of the parents who will be the next person we can ring? We can NOT have the same person as Parent contact and Emergency contact, please.
 19/9/2017 Week 9 – Night Hike – Meet at Brock Reserve